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Welcome to the geeks Community.

This community has been created as a meeting place for geeks to share and exchange ideas.

Let it be recognized that geeks come in different flavors. General examples include: computer, music, biology, journalism, photography, biology, physics, spelling, chemestry, math, quilting, cooking, and slack geeks amongst many others. A starting definition of geek might be someone that has a heightened intrest in some topic with a stronger then normal technical intrest.

If you are wanting to post something that is off-topic please post elsewhere. People come here to read about "geeky things" and not a post that amounts to spam. You are asked to always allow comments to any post tso that we can promate two-way dialog on any topic. Posts that are off-topic will get reasonible effort to have the post modified and if they are not remedied they will be deleted. Please send any questions or comments to the moderator.

Long posts need to use the lj-cut feature. Spamming will not be tolerated. Please do not post community promotions in here. There are other communities for that.

Do I have to mention that this is also not a place for porn? Computer port is ok. Porn porn is not ok.

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