luno (luno) wrote in geeks,

IM conversation from work.

Context: Cow-orker is in Tempe, and relatively new to the company. I'm in Minneapolis and have been here for around a decade. We have a fully loaded Cisco 6513 that may have a backplane problem.

Me [9:00 AM]:
  replacing a 6513 is not fun.  I've had to do it twice, and it took all night.
Cow-orker [9:00 AM]:
  I was there!
Me [9:00 AM]:
  I mean personally, I've done it twice in Minneapolis.
  I wasn't counting all the times the team has done it.
Cow-orker [9:00 AM]:
  kinda like "where were you when they got to JFK"
Me [9:00 AM]:
  Yes, except slightly fewer brains splattered across the trunklid.
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